Dr. Francene Gayle

Medical Doctor

Dr. Francene Gayle specializes as a family healthcare provider. She first earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in 1996 from St. John’s University, then she attended Howard University where in 2002 she graduated with her Medical Degree. Afterwards, she underwent her Medical Residency in Family Medicine at the University of Birmingham’s Huntsville Campus where she finished in 2005. 

Dr. Gayle has since practiced as a family medicine specialist and has over a decade of experience. She was even the medical director of Complete Medical Health, LLC in Huntsville, AL until 2020. Additionally, Francene founded her non-profit organization, The Impact Mission, in 2015. They give out free medical services and screenings to individuals who are uninsured and underprivileged. 

Dr. Francene Gayle is also a member of the American Medical Women’s Association and the American Society of Addictive Medicine. She is a three-time recipient of the Compassionate Doctor Award, among other distinctions.

Professional Credentials

Advanced Training

  • Weight Management & Medical Fitness for Primary Care

  • Pain Management and Physical Therapy in Primary Care 

  • Buprenorphine Waiver

  • Completion of Probuphine REMS Program

  • Nerve Conduction Velocity & EMG Testing

Volunteer Work

  • The Impact Mission

  • American Red Cross

  • Community Free Clinic

  • Health Fairs

  • Mentorship to Students

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