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Scholarship for Healthcare Students

The Dr. Francene Gayle Scholarship for Healthcare Students was formed to award scholarship funding to a student who is in school to enter the healthcare field. Dr. Gayle is aware that healthcare students have more to worry about than just their academic responsibilities. Financial responsibilities are also a large concern, and knowing this her desire is to give back to the next generation of healthcare providers.

Who is it for?

We encourage any university students located in the United States with a passion for the healthcare field to apply to The Dr. Francene Gayle Scholarship for Healthcare Students. Further, this scholarship is also open to high school students who will attend a university and intend on entering the field of healthcare. Dr. Gayle sees how stressful the mental burden put on students is when they must anticipate the many years of school ahead of them along their journeys to becoming healthcare providers, so she has decided to award a hardworking student with $1,000 towards their tuition.


Dr. Francene Gayle

dr francene gayle

Orlando, Florida Medical Doctor

For 6 years, Dr. Francene Gayle worked as the medical director for Complete Medical Health, LLC. She earned her bachelor’s degree from St. John’s University, then she went on to Howard University where she received her medical degree. In 2015, Dr. Gayle founded a non-profit organization, The Impact Mission, with the goal of providing free medical services and screenings to community members who are uninsured and underprivileged.


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From her own experience, Dr. Gayle is aware of the arduous road lying ahead of many healthcare students. With over a decade of success to reflect on, she now wants to pay it forward to our future generation of healthcare providers through this scholarship fund. Students who meet the scholarship requirements are highly encouraged to take full advantage of this opportunity to gain funding. To begin the application process, please visit our application page below where you can view all of the details on applying and entering into the essay contest, which is how we pick the winner.

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Dr. Francene Gayle has seen the ways in which rising costs of education, especially for healthcare students, are seriously straining on students who are studying on the road to becoming healthcare providers. For this reason, Dr. Gayle would like to give a star student an opportunity using this $1,000 scholarship award. Francene hopes that through this fund, she can help garner awareness for the financial struggles that students must wrestle with in addition to undergoing the many years of schooling along the track to a career in healthcare. While doing so, she also wants to help out one of our future healthcare leaders of America to achieve their ambitions.


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If you need any more information about our scholarship fund or if you have any questions, please get in touch through the form found on our contact page and someone will respond back to you shortly. If there are any universities or organizations wanting to help out, you are always welcome to reach out as well and learn how you can get involved. We wish the best of luck to all of our students with the essay contest and along your paths to becoming part of our next generation of healthcare providers!


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